Host a Dinner

Would you like to host a dinner? Email to have your event added to the many taking place across the country. For ideas, recommendations, and a step-by-step process in how to plan your own dinner, click here to visit our Iftar Toolkit. Congratulations!

Public Vs. Private Dinners

Please note that dinners may be of any size, and a number of guests can range anywhere from four to over a thousand. You will have the option to keep your Iftar Dinner open/closed to the public; by hosting a public dinner, you must automatically consent to having contact information publicly available on our website and social media for others to contact and RSVP to your event.

What Food Should I Serve?

The host may have full control in deciding what food to serve at his/her event. Given that the American Iftar Dinner is a celebration of many different cultures and their traditions, it is recommended to provide a variety of different types of foods. Hosts may also consider holding a potluck for guests, and encourage attendees to bring foods from their culture. The possibilities are endless!

Is There Any Specific Format to Follow?

No, organizers of your Iftar Dinner may decide how to plan the event. For any ideas and recommendations in planning your event, click here to visit our Iftar Toolkit.

How Can I Share My Dinner On Social Media?

If you would be interested in featuring your event on our social media, then be sure to email Then, share a moment of unity at your Iftar Dinner online using the hashtag #MealforHumanity.

For any other questions or concerns, please email