Frequently Asked Questions

What is the White House Iftar Dinner?

The annual White House Iftar Dinner was initiated by President Clinton in 1996 as a gesture of respect toward American Muslims during the month of Ramadan. Since its inception, the White House Iftar Dinner served as a celebration of the United States’ relationship with its Muslim citizens, and has continued throughout the Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump administrations.

What is the American Iftar Dinner?

The American Iftar Dinner is a movement created with the mission of unifying diverse Americans from all walks of life in the name of tolerance and harmony. In a show of solidarity, we encourage Americans to host their own dinners across the country, and to invite a diverse group of guests from different religions, ethnicities, and cultures. By adding a new seat to the table, each of us can move one step closer to achieving unity.

When Will the Movement Happen?

The Second Annual American Iftar Dinner will take place on Thursday, May 31, 2019. 

How Can I Start a Dinner?

Individuals, universities, schools, and organizations interested in hosting a dinner can email Please note that dinners can be of any size. Congratulations, and thank you for making change! Share your moment of unity online using the hashtag #MealforHumanity.

How Can I Attend a Dinner?

Visit the Join Our Dinner tab or our Facebook page to find a list of confirmed locations around the country. Once you have found a dinner located nearby, send your RSVP to the host, and make sure to share the news on social media! 

How Can I Get In Touch With the Students?

For any comments or media inquiries, please contact

How Can I Donate?

Please click this button to donate to our cause and help us spread awareness.

I Still Have a Question.

Please email with any questions you may have.